hello, I'm Kerlyn!

I am a saved by grace believer of God, whom I turn to in so many times of need. I am married to my high school sweetheart and have been on this journey of love with him for 14 years. We have a crazy adventurous little guy, whose journey with autism has opened my eyes (and work) to incredible new world of love, sacrifice, and connection. We live in South Texas, love to travel, and frequently find ourselves in the Pacific Northwest! I have been photographing stories for two years and am extremely passionate about capturing moments of intimate connection. You will often find me jamming some indie folk music during our time together, making cheesy Office jokes, and running around getting every little moment and detail for you!

My passion + why it's matters

Why is what I do important? I know especially in this day and age how busy our lives are and if we do have photos of our families its usually done on our handy cell phones. My goal isn't to get you in front of me, to smile at the camera, and then send off your photos. My passion is to tell your authentic story and to create an experience from begining to end that leaves you feeling something more as a mother, as a wife, or as a family. I want to help foster the goodness that is already there and capture photos that truly encompass everything in your life - the vulnerable moments, the laughter, each soft touch - through my artistic view. As mother I know with each passing day, how important it is for me to show my son that I was there...because lets face it, memories fade! I believe so much that the albums I create, the photos that hang on the wall, the ones shared between your loved ones, brings so much back to you. They're a tangible way to hold onto the present moments you're celebrating and in my work I want to capture the authenticity of your feelings you are unable to put into words!

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